Best Baby Bedding/Crib Sheets

We moms always want what’s best when it comes to our babies. It also helps when our choices could be deal-breakers. Take the best baby bedding sets we choose for them.

How exciting you’ve just found out the gender of your baby and gotten the nursery walls painted and the crib set up. The only thing missing is the crib sheets!

Now you’ve got to think about color and theme! Oh my, will it match the rest of the nursery? Can I use it for our next baby too?

So many questions run through a parents mind when considering bedding sets for their children’s nursery. We decided to make finding one super easy for you!

Best Baby Bedding/Crib Sheets

Disney Winnie The Pooh First Best Friend 4 Piece Disney Store

Disney Winnie The Pooh First Best Friend 4 Piece Nursery Crib Bedding Set,Aqua/Grey/White/Red
Product Dimensions 33 x 0.5 x 42 inches
Best Baby Bedding/Crib Sheets

Bedtime Originals Roar Dinosaur 3 Piece Bedtime Originals Store

Bedtime Originals Roar Dinosaur 3 Piece Crib Bedding Set, Blue/Gray, ‎44x1x35 Inch
Product Dimensions 44 x 1 x 35 inches
Best Baby Bedding/Crib Sheets

4 pc. Blush Pink, Grey and White Watercolor Sweet Jojo Designs

4 pc. Blush Pink, Grey and White Watercolor Floral Baby Girl Crib Bedding Set by Sweet Jojo Designs – Rose Flower Polka Dot
Product Dimensions 45 x 36 x 0.75 inches
Best Baby Bedding/Crib Sheets

Bedtime Originals Jungle Fun 3-Piece Bedtime Originals Store

Bedtime Originals Jungle Fun 3-Piece Crib Bedding Set, Blue/Gray
Product Dimensions 52 x 28 x 8 inches

How To Choose The Best Baby Bedding
Before we started researching different types of bedding that you would need for your child we decided to set some criteria that would help us as we searched!

The first thing was price, ensuring that we found the bedding that was affordable and wouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg just to purchase. Keeping price in mindset a budget because it is easy to want to buy every cute set you see!

Next, we thought about the material. Babies have very sensitive skin and chemicals or processed fabrics can sometimes irritate them.

When choosing a bedding set make sure the material it is made out of isn’t one that will irritate your child or cause a rash to occur!

The design is important as well because some parents opt for designs that can be used for multiple children. While others pick specific designs based on gender!

Whichever way you lean we support you. Finally, we thought about the hazards. Make sure your bedding doesn’t hang loosely and that it’s not sized too big.

If so it could pose a suffocation risk and we don’t want that happening. Best baby pillow for flat head makes sure that the head of the baby lies in a comfortable position that ensures natural breathing as well. Stick with this criterion and your sure to find exactly what you need!

Sometimes, the thing of keeping your child up at night can also be as simple as a fear of the dark — and the best way to combat this is with the best baby night light.

  1. Price
    Crib bedding can run on the expensive side so ensure that you set a budget for all the essential things that you will need for your babies crib. You’ll want to choose a set that has what you need without forcing you to overspend. Once you set a price only view bedding that fits within your budget to prevent overspending.
  2. Material
    Ensure that the material that your child’s bedding essentials are made out of won’t cause their delicate skin any irritation. The type of fabric that causes irritation is different from child to child. Your babies skin may experience no irritation at all, but it is better to check than have to deal with a hive outbreak later.
  3. Design
    Some parents opt for unisex designs that way it is easier to pass things from clothes to bedding down through the generations. That is to say if your not worried about things being unisex try to get a design that you won’t mind looking at daily as your baby will spend a lot of time resting for the first couple of weeks that they are home.
  4. Hazards
    Check your bedding set to make sure that all hazards are removed. Things like bumper pads or overly sized crib sheets could fall off and potentially cover your babies’ face while they are sleeping. Nothing should be loose or sagging in or around your babies sleeping area to ensure a restful safe sleep.

Frequently Asked Questions
Does this fit a mini crib?
We use it on a full-size mattress because in the description it says that it fits most standard mattresses so it may be too big for a mini crib.

Does this come with the mobile as well? Or just the stuff seen on the walls in the picture?
It does not. The mobile is a separate purchase. It comes with the comforter, dust ruffle, keepsake box, and fitted sheet.

This is a nice 4 piece set. But can you tell me where I can purchase extra crib sheets and the diaper stacker?
I would try Walmart. I purchased these items on Amazon so you can find one online or go into a target or Walmart.

Does this set have the bumper pads?
No, baby’s cribs aren’t supposed to have bumper pads anyway as they can pose a suffocation risk.

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